“Fuoriserie is an Italian term to describe a custom-built, high-performance, exclusive and expensive car that qualifies the owner for his financial ability and his desire to stand out from the crowd. Or “sleek, powerful and eye-catching, "one in a rarefied atmosphere of its own. A car superior to all others.” The term "fuoriserie" also describes limited production specials - incorporating advances in design and technology. SIM2’s new Fuoriserie projector fully embraces this production philosophy, becoming the very nature of the product itself.”

Designed without compromise, the Fuoriserie is the result of complete creative and engineering expertise. Created with the desire to offer a powerful and exclusive projector, Fuoriserie combines compelling charisma with design cues that are unmistakably SIM2. Indeed, SIM2’s R&D has challenged itself to combine technological advances, extraordinary design thinking, and top-class performance all in service to its customers. SIM2’s Fuoriserie incorporates only the finest and carefully chosen selection of components, tested one by one to achieve unprecedented image perfection. Every detail is unique and its form is pure art. This is a star performer that has the power and clarity to satisfy the most demanding viewer, as well as the ability to deliver bright, contrast-rich images.

Prestigious and Eternally Contemporary

The fuoriserie elegance is immediately apparent in the clearly defined lines and forms of a body strongly inspired by the SIM2 tradition. A perfect balance of beautiful design and exceptional materials to satisfy the most refined taste. Fuoriserie sports a uniquely sophisticated combination of modernity, elegance, traditional craftsmanship, and luxury. The finest materials, coupled with a sophisticated glossy/matte red finish, create a new dimension in luxury for an eternally contemporary product. A true delight to the eyes by designer Giorgio Revoldini