How a Fuoriserie is born!

At SIM2, manufacturing as well as the limited and exclusive production remain fundamental characteristics. Every Fuoriserie is hand-built at the SIM2 Factory in Italy. During the manufacturing process, the Fuoriserie undergoes numerous tests repeatedly to insure absolute quality. When the assembling is finished and the first inspection is completed, the projector must pass a further in-test in order to prove its reliability. After that a careful final inspection follows before packing & shipping.

Each of these steps is carefully documented and signed by the employee performing the task to guarantee excellence in performance. A unique experience documented in the sections below.


From light engine to cabinet finish technicians, it takes 8 pairs of highly-skilled hands to craft and construct a Fuoriserie before it's ready for its owner.

Assembly line

It is time for assembly: a complex operation, requiring skills and great attention. The Fuoriserie manufacturing comprises 13 work areas.