Assembly Line – The Path to Excellence

Raw materials can be very similar to one another, the path to the excellence is in their processing. Now all the components are ready and all of them are perfect: no tolerance is allowed, it is time put them together to create the heart of our Fuoriserie: the engine. Assembly is a complex operation, requiring skills and great attention. The Fuoriserie manufacturing comprises 13 work areas, 7 of them in the Clean Room. From this moment, every productive detail of the Fuoriserie is monitored. The components that make the product are identified by a barcode and every operation is recorded electronically on an identity-type card.


Assembly Begins

Lamp assembly: lamp positioning is a key factor in order to obtain the maximum power, efficiency and reliability. Top quality components are carefully assembled looking for the small "sweet spot" allowing a perfect focus of the light beam to the optical path. Such care allows to avoid any light leakage and realize a perfect uniformity of the energy distribution.
The Fuoriserie is the first commercial projector employing a new type of lamp, it is the cutting edge of technology and allows both a huge light emission magnitude and unrivalled efficiency. When required by the projector intelligent electronics, it is also capable of scaling down to an impressive 30% of the total power. Such capability, a first in this field, opens a whole new range of options. In the first place, fuoriserie impressive brightness can be dimmed down when needed >>>to avoid being blinded<<< (for example in a dark room) without wasting energy. Moreover fuoriserie can easily adapt to the most different room conditions, always ensuring the maximum efficiency and environment respect.

Light Engine assembly: One of the cornerstones of the magic of SIM2’s products is its Alphapath light engine. The Fuoriserie engine represents hard work, devotion and painstaking creativity. Each engine component is carefully tested and selected ad belonging to the top area of quality parameters statistical distribution. They are then assembled in a clean room to prevent any external, even microscopic, element from entering the optical system. As it happens to be for the lamp system, also for the optical engine the harmonic positioning of the many elements is vital for a final result of total excellence. This is a difficult "game" requiring precision and patience, a game which our technicians master authoritatively.

DMD alignment: Any custom-built car, a fuoriserie, can't see anything less than an 8 cylinder engine under the hood. Well, a three chip optical engine in the projection world is the equivalent of a 12 cylinders car engine which mounts the best race forged pistons, just like Fuoriserie is fitted with the special "Gold Edition" DMDs, simply perfect pieces of harware.
Such powerful configuration requires a great precision alignment of the three different DMD chips. Actually the convergence of RED, GREEN and BLUE chips is based on a mechanical system, and needs to be achieved with a specific procedure in a proper clean environment. The alignment procedure is realized with a special tooling with micrometer precision: the final accuracy is less than 0.5pixel, which means less than 6 micron. This is another proof of great professionalism and passion by SIM2 technicians, a commitment which goes beyond a simple job towards the love for excellence.

Engine testing: Now the optical components of the fuoriserie is complete, and can be finally tested as a whole. The results of the previous production steps come to light. All the measurements will have to comply with very demanding standard before the engine can proceed.

Fans assembly: Fans are assembled with great attention to vibration deadening and air flow efficiency. They have been strategically positioned to boost air flow in and out of the projector, while their continuous microprocessor-controlled rotation speed ensures low noise and vibrations. The rigid and robust stainless steel chassis coupled with custom fine tuned dampers, eliminates any residual vibration or resonance. The fans have been selected for the special blades profile in order to reduce at a minimum the aerodynamic noise.

Engine and fans mounted on base: Light engine and fans are then mounted on the base stainless steel rigid chassis, and verified one by one to ensure total precision and extraordinary silent operation.

Boards and software assembly: It is now time to add the electronics.

Functional testing: 100% of components have to be subjected to a functional test in order to check the overall functionalities of the product. Testing is based on a computer aided system that support the operator in the execution of all the operations.

Cabinet assembly: The engine has passed the test stand, the bodywork has passed quality control, all the other components will be ready right on time. It is time for the final assembly requiring skills and great attention.

Burn-in and Safety testing: the Fuoriserie is then monitored for 24 hours through remote control. During this time the product is subjected to an on /off sequence and its status is constantly registered in a log file.

Final testing: The final test, before packaging, ensures the full functionality of all basic functions and again the conformity to the “Fuoriserie Standards”. This is Fuoriserie "road test"

Packaging: We are building an exclusive product and therefore any non conformity to the “Fuoriserie Standards” would transform itself into something unacceptable. When the all testing are completed, the Fuoriserie goes through a 360 degrees aesthetic compliance check. Specialists with highly trained eyes look for any minimal imperfection. To find one would mean to send the product back to the Assembly line. Indeed, everything must be 100 per cent perfect before the Fuoriserie can be packed.