Exclusive, powerful and unique.

SIM2 has a long history of designing and manufacturing high-end projectors, with each successive generation of products outperforming the previous one. It is this expertise that gives SIM2 a distinct advantage over other brands; our highly skilled R&D team is consistently able to develop products that redefine the state-of-the-art for high-end projection. The new Fuoriserie projector is the culmination of all that expertise, experience and innovation of design. This is a star performer that includes all the performances you would expect from SIM2 in the coming years: all of them today. A new lamp (a first in the home theatre market) a new multifaceted reflector build after careful statistical calculations, an obsessive tuning for every component and detail … and much more!

Discover its top-class features in the sections below.

Light Engine

Discover what's under the hood.
Precision and power control thanks to fuoriserie fine-tuned custom light engine.


SIM2 has developed a new electronics platform, designed to raise the already outstanding performance of the standard LUMIS 3D platform to new levels, and a very stable and robust software.


The SIM2 Fuoriserie offers both wired and wireless connection options. It doesn't matter which one you will choose, fuoriserie network integration allows precise, efficient projector control and monitoring.


Built to suit the exact requirements specified for every client, Fuoriserie offers various ease-of-use options: from two ways to go "widescreen" to complete color calibration.


Thanks to DLP® technology and highly-skilled engineering and craftsmanship, Fuoriserie delivers top performance and reliability over time.


The ideal complement for an outstanding performance. Tuned to the most refined environment.
Perfect for you. Dicover fuoriserie range of accessories from your SIM2 dealer.